Our Team

We have three Leaders, one each for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, a number of Assistant Leaders and a Group Scout Leader who oversees the activity and organisation of the whole group. Our leadership team is entirely made up of volunteers.  All adult leaders have training and a DBS check, and there is always at least one adult who is first aid qualified.

We also have parent helpers at all Beavers and Cubs sessions. These are vital as, to meet the terms of our insurance, we are required to have a specified ratio of adults to children at each session, with a higher ratio of adults for the younger children. 

There is an Executive Committee which organises fundraising for the Group and includes a Parent Representative for each of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. 

Leadership Team

Group Scout Leader:   Donna Wilson

Beaver Scout Leader:  Ossie Stanley

Cub Scout Leader:      Martyn Day

Scout Leader:              Bruce McLaren

Executive Committee

Chairperson:               Roger Cox

Secretary:                   Bruce McLaren

Treasurer:                   James Ritchie